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  • A dollarization/free banking bluprint for Argentina2003»»»

    Hanke, Steve H.

  • A shorud of secrecy : a new survey by Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke suggests that wile central banks pay lip service to transparency many of them do not practice it»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Sekerke, Matt

  • Argentina : the story so far...: in this three-part feature on Argentina we present two contrasting views - from Stephany Griffith-Jones and Steve Hanke : first, staff writer Benedict Mander sets the scene»»»

    Griffith-Jones, Stephany Hanke, Steve H. Mander, Benedict

  • Argentina's pseudo currency crisis : Argentina's currency board system is not working quite as intended : Steve Hanke, professor of economics at John Hopkins University explains why»»»

    Hanke, Steve H.

  • Balance sheets, please : Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at the John Hopkins University, stresses the need for central banks to have theory balance sheets more readily available on their websites, and in a consistent format»»»

    Hanke, Steve H.

  • China will hold down the Rmb»»»

    Hanke, Steve H.

  • How Bulgaria is destroying its "currency board" : a transfer of government funds threatens Bulgaria's monetary framework argue Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Sekerke, Matt

  • Iraq's botched currency reform : prescriptions by official sector institutions for Iraq ignore political realities and their own findings argue Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Sekerke, Matt

  • Iraq's central bank : in search of a raison d'etre : Iraq's underdeveloped financial markets make it impossible for the central bank to fulfil its mandate argue Matt Sekerke and Steve H. Hanke»»»

    Sekerke, Matt Hanke, Steve H.

  • St Helena's forgotten currency board : St Helena's small but perfectly formed currency board provides an example to the rest of the world, argue Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Sekerke, Matt

  • Towards a better SDDS : the IMF's SDDS is a good idea, but poorly executed argue Steve Hanke and Matt Sekerke : the authors suggest an alternative accounting standard for central banks»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Sekerke, Matt

  • What went wrong in Argentina ? Staunch defenders of currency boards in theory, Steve Hanke and Kurt Schuler scrutinise the Argentine arrangements : where did Argentine fail - and what lessons can be learned?»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Schuler, Kurt

  • What's wrong with central bank websites? : most central banks use their websites intelligently : however Steve Hanke and Michael Morgenstern from John Hopkins University find that some central banks are failing to pass elementary tests of transparency»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Morgenstern, Michael

  • Why statistics matter»»»

    Hanke, Steve H.

  • World hyperinflations»»»

    Hanke, Steve H. Krus, Nicholas

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