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  • EU enlargement special feature - Part I : The accession countries : what is equal treatment? Peter Kenen and Ellen Meade set out the tests the accession countries are expected to meet to join the European monetary union and argue that these tests should be changed to take account of changed conditions»»»

    Kenen, Peter Bain Meade, Ellen E.

  • Home bias, transaction costs, and prospects for the euro»»»

    Mann, Catherine L. Meade, Ellen E.

  • International aspects of central banking : diplomacy and coordination»»»

    Kahn, Robert B. Meade, Ellen E.

  • Substance and semantics in ERM II : in the February issue, Peter Kenen and Ellen Meade discussed the Maastricht treaty's convergence criteria and their application to the accession countries : here they look more closely at their key role of the exchange rate criterion»»»

    Kenen, Peter Bain Meade, Ellen E.

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