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  • A toolkit for financial stability : monetary union does not insulate against financial crises, says Max Watson : accession countries must continue to watch - and report - imbalances in the economy»»»

    Watson, Maxwell

  • Adopting the euro : an introduction for four country studies2004»»»

    Watson, C. Maxwell

  • Analysis and pre-emptive measures: can they deliver a "soft landing"? Why focus on a "soft landing"?2007»»»

    Watson, Maxwell

  • Challenges for central banks in the new member states : Max Watson assesses the task facing accession countries in safeguarding financial stability : he starts by recognising the big strides already taken, and then considers the risks that lie ahead»»»

    Watson, Maxwell

  • History of the debt crisis1994»»»

    Watson, C. Maxwell Regling, K. P.

  • Into the EU : Policy frameworks in Central Europe2002»»»

    Feldman, Robert A. Watson, C. Maxwell

  • Reinventing euro-area central banks : central banks of the euro area have the challenge of redefining their national roles : Maxwell Watson suggests approaches that build on their existing authority and expertise»»»

    Watson, Maxwell

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